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KVADRAT Company Releases Custom Plush Mascot

KVADRAT Company Releases Custom Plush Mascot

The Olav Thon Group owns and manages around 500 commercial properties in Norway and internationally, including 78 shopping centers in Norway and 10 in Sweden. 

Among the largest in Norway are Lagunen, Strømmen, Sandvika and AMFI Moa. Nordby Shoppingcenter is the largest in Sweden. The Olav Thon Group owns or manages 8 of the 10 largest centers in Norway.

KVADRAT is a subsidiary of Olav Thon Real Estate Group. KVADRAT’s mascot is a cute cartoon monster.

KVADRAT Company has collaborated with PlushiesFactory to produce custom plush mascots based on their unique design.

The talented team at PlushiesFactory will bring the mascot to life using a picture provided by KVADRAT. 

These plush mascots are not only cute and cuddly but also serve as an excellent marketing tool for KVADRAT.

Helping to increase brand recognition and engagement with customers.Whether used in promotional events.giveaways.or simply as decoration.

These custom made mascots are sure to leave a lasting impression. With attention to detail and high quality materials.

Each plush mascot is carefully crafted to capture the essence of KVADRAT's brand identity.

Bring your vision to life with a custom plush mascot from PlushiesFactory and elevate your company's branding efforts today!



PlushiesFactory produced a 3D model for this mascot, Based on this, we started sample production.

After 2 revisions, we finally succeeded in making this plush mascot. Here it comes!!!

This plush mais made of pink furry polyester fiber. Its eys nose and mouth are embroidered, and the color is very rich. The reproduction degree of the sample reaches 99%.

This product has passed the European and American CE reports and the American ASTM report, and is suitable for 3+ children.


Our cooperation with the Olav Thon Group continues, and we believe that the mascot released by the kvadrat brand will be loved by Norwegians!

If you have needs for customized plush mascots, please don't hesitate to cooperate with PlushiesFactory

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